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Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor head-to-headPosted by BangBang on 14th March

Please, please, please don't tell me this is REALLY happening? You can't blame the fighters but they and their teams are seriously 'hoodwinking' the public audience of muppets? I suppose i would watch it as a spectre type of event and because of the manufactured hype behind it haha.

This is a 'hyped' piece of entertainment that will 'only' cost '$60' or so, after all, you'll get upto 60 days free credit on your credit card and then pay $3 dollars a month for the next 2 years, most nitwits will see it as a bargain over watching it on YouTube for free within a couple of hours :) LONG LIVE FLOYD.

This is a mismatch of all times and unfortunately we have all succumbed to the hype machine LOL..... God Save The Queen

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GGG vs. Jacobs PreviewPosted by BangBang on 14th March

@brownsugar Thumbs up!!!, there is absolutely no comparison required when it comes to GGG and Lemieux, where is RingsideRobbie when we need him LOL

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Guests: Anthony Dirrell, Joe DelguydPosted by BangBang on 14th March

@brownsugar There is no way that Lemieux and Canelo should be uttered in the same breath, though SERIOUSLY i would argue with the strength of Canelos record - i think it is pretty padded out and manufactured?

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ITC Season 9 Ep. 4: Keith Thurman vs Danny GarciaPosted by BangBang on 1st March

@brownsugar Manuel Robles (Dominics trainer) who was in the middle of the fracas give a candid interview to Nes from TBV, he explains what really happened:

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Tony BellewPosted by BangBang on 24th February

Great interview from Tony, this is a candid interview which shows the real side of 'The Bomber' and in a funny way it highlights why boxers chat sh*te toward each other

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Priced out of boxing?Posted by BangBang on 6th February

@vincent Price's trainer gave an interesting interview after the fight where he pretty much put the loss down to Price's mental frame of mind and the ability to handle the pressure going into the fight.

His conditioning and stamina was terrible and you have to question his weight. His trainer said that Price had been sparring full 12 rounds without stamina problems but i don't understand how mental pressure would deplete stamina so much. Price can continue his career providing he works on the true reasons as to why he lost the fight because he is clearly talented.

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WBC launch legal plan of action against pirate championship beltsPosted by BangBang on 18th October

The WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman is quoted in this article as saying:
"The WBC World Championship Belts have never been, nor will ever be for sale! They are sacred for us."

The WBC have been selling full size replica belts for years -

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Angel Garcia goes in on Gennady GolovkinPosted by BangBang on 31st July, 2015

Did you see the Angels response to Toms tweet, he has a point as well:

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Tyson Fury Brands Klitschko A 'boring Prick' & Explains That Infamous 'klit Is Getting Licked LinePosted by BangBang on 26th July, 2015

Fury has got to be the most foul mouthed boxer in the world, the sanctioning bodies need to clamp down on this kind of behavior. A bit of banter is fair enough but sometimes it goes too far, the problem is that most boxing fans enjoy these antics and it seems to generate hype.

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