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No professionals at the Olympics please.Posted by David Bullock on 4th June, 2016

I really do hope that professional boxers are prevented from fighting in the Olympics. Some greedy for glory people will do anything for personal promotion however much others may have to suffer. Perhaps we may yet see Manchester United in a local Sunday football league yet to get more trophys in the boardroom. Nothing surprises me today though.

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Parker / Takam, 154 Sharks, HayeDay ReviewPosted by David Bullock on 4th June, 2016

Yes John I would agree with your conclusion.I did think he showed some potential for such a young inexperienced boxer but I can't say I was in awe at the moment of someone about to storm to a title.I was concerned how easy he was to hit, hands low and head high.There are big hitters out there who will make him pay for any lack of defence but I am in no way going to right him off.He showed he has stamina to stay the course and with more training and careful guidance I think he can get better.

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Boxing is sinking to new lows.Posted by David Bullock on 22nd May, 2016

It was a bad advert for boxing last night reference to David Haye and Shannon Briggs.There has been a few of those type of fights now against hopelessly inadeqaute opposition sanctioned purely for promotional reasons. One night someone will be badly hurt and the boxing board of control will be desperate for excuses along with the promoters. We should build an amphitheatre for events like these as it has no resemblance to boxing in my mind. I care not what they both do next but it is no more than paid bullying.

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Benn Vs Eubank pensioner battlePosted by David Bullock on 9th March, 2016

I have just read an article regarding a proposal by Nigel Benn for a fight with Chris Eubank again.What a joke . Some people just do not know when their time has passed. I doubt it will not happen, hopefully. But if it does here's one man who won't turn the telly on to watch somebody's ego. It is not in the interests of boxing or the men themselves, purely financial, and I expect the controlling body to step in and scotch such a suggestion now.

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Quigg Says Frampton Underestimating His Intelligence Will Be His DownfallPosted by David Bullock on 26th February, 2016

This is one boxing match I would not dare to prejudge the result.Both boxers are exciting fighters and are so well matched I cannot personally split them. I am glad they have managed to keep it fairly civil so far but they both have such self belief I am sure it will be one to remember.I wish them both good luck

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Dyllian White has a bright future IF .Posted by David Bullock on 17th February, 2016

Dyllian Whitecould we'll be a real prospect if will lose a little weight and get himself properly fit.Tyson Fury has shown the way and the benefits of such application.Dyllian looked very capable with a big punch as well I just hope he does not miss out on his big moment in life as I am sure with real dedication he would be a real success. Also forget trash talking it does nothing for himself and his chosen career. Best of luck don't let the opportunity pass you by. From Dave Bullock

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