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get over the hate for matchroom it makes you too biasedPosted by Midland Man on 9th June, 2016

@jondealey The hardcores will never be happy and will always be blinkered when it comes to Matchroom and 'Fast car' Eddie but Eddie Hearn does often talk as much bo**ocks as the hardcores when he is in full swing but i guess thats his job, hes a promoter.

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No professionals at the Olympics please.Posted by Midland Man on 9th June, 2016

@davidbullock I see the arguments for and against and i personally think the best of the amatuers would outbox most professionals on an amateur scoring system, what do you think?

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Benn Vs Eubank pensioner battlePosted by Midland Man on 9th March, 2016

Yes it's purely financially motivated and I understand why you wouldn't want to watch it but I think that with a decent undercard it could easily be sold as a 'budget' PPV at around a tenner. All the preflight egos and malarkey will make it a sellable fight.

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Hays Vs TarverPosted by Midland Man on 5th March, 2016

Tarver has money problems, Haye would blast him out within 3 rounds.

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Hays Vs TarverPosted by Midland Man on 3rd March, 2016

I think Briggs will be a better fight, Tarver recently got caught using substances AGAIN!

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Quigg Says Frampton Underestimating His Intelligence Will Be His DownfallPosted by Midland Man on 3rd March, 2016

Unfortunately it turned out to be a contender for most boring fight of the year, Frampton v Rigondeaux should be much more exciting.

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Nuthouse Podcast Episode 149 - Sunday 1st NovemberThe panel...Posted by Midland Man on 3rd November, 2015

A great podcast. I knew the governing bodies, the number of belts and the ranking system was a bit dodgy but i never realised the politics and how much money is involved.

The second part of this podcast is very interesting and has really opened up my eyes to the slap dash manipulative way in which the governing bodies operate.

The first half of the podcast discussed journalism in the sport, this was pretty interesting as well.

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