Guests: Anthony Dirrell, Joe Delguyd

Conversation started by Brownsugar on March 13th, 2017

Guests: Anthony Dirrell, Joe Delguyd
On this podcast we have two top notch guests as we are joined by Anthony "The Dog" Dirrell who is looking to become a two-time world champion after surviving cancer as he talks about his upcoming fight against Callum Smith. In the second half of the LukieBoxing - on 13th March
Brownsugar wrote on 13th March:

Do you guys know anything ? canelo weighs around 180 on fight night and Lemieux fights like a predictable novice...Stevens moves like a punch bag

BangBang replied on 14th March:

@brownsugar There is no way that Lemieux and Canelo should be uttered in the same breath, though SERIOUSLY i would argue with the strength of Canelos record - i think it is pretty padded out and manufactured?

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