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Ward vs Kovalev Rematch: Debate & Predictions! #MayweatherMcGregor Talk!Started by Steven Gutierrez 11 days ago

That caller formerly known as whatever totally killed the podcast for me with hos over the top swearing. And his comment about MMA being a glorified bar fight is really stupid. MMA is mixed martial arts. There is a huge amount of skill and difficulty to the sport. Love the show but that guy needs a vacation. Will not be listening again thanks to that guy as well as the whole arrogant vibe of thw whole podcast. Thanks anyways.

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Joshua given exception to mandatory defenseStarted by Brendo 19 days ago

Why didn't they strip Joshua, they took no time in stripping Fury for what looks like the same circumstance.

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suggestions pleaseStarted by Duncan 38 days ago

Hello Guys I am a south African who would like to watch the IBO title fight between Thomas oosterhuisen and Mikhalkin tonight taking place in Germany, none of our channels are broadcasting it, could someone please help me with regards to a site or a link where I could stream it live. please. thank you

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The PPV Flop » Boxing NewsStarted by Max on 22nd March

Accidently read this article. Who is this Angel Flowers? Pure racist. What a biased writer . Why he writes for boxing news? Pure hate. Can't read his biased articles about GGG. Disgusting.

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Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor head-to-headStarted by BangBang on 14th March

Please, please, please don't tell me this is REALLY happening? You can't blame the fighters but they and their teams are seriously 'hoodwinking' the public audience of muppets? I suppose i would watch it as a spectre type of event and because of the manufactured hype behind it haha.

This is a 'hyped' piece of entertainment that will 'only' cost '$60' or so, after all, you'll get upto 60 days free credit on your credit card and then pay $3 dollars a month for the next 2 years, most nitwits will see it as a bargain over watching it on YouTube for free within a couple of hours :) LONG LIVE FLOYD.

This is a mismatch of all times and unfortunately we have all succumbed to the hype machine LOL..... God Save The Queen

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David Lemieux vs Curtis Stevens, Lemieux Almost Murders Curtis StevensStarted by Brownsugar on 13th March

Do you idiots not know that Culcay is an olympian and Andrade landed twice as many shots and threw twice as much... Just because you never heard of somebody means nothing

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GGG vs. Jacobs PreviewStarted by Brownsugar on 13th March

Steven was a shot stationary target...Lemieux cheated by weighing in over the ten pound limit and not showing up for the dehydration weigh in....and please no comparison between Lemieux and Golovkin

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Guests: Anthony Dirrell, Joe DelguydStarted by Brownsugar on 13th March

Do you guys know anything ? canelo weighs around 180 on fight night and Lemieux fights like a predictable novice...Stevens moves like a punch bag

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a detailed boxing simStarted by Rooq on 3rd March

Are you a hardcore boxing fan with an interest in management style gaming?

eBoxingPromoter is the most detailed web based boxing simulation out there. Sign up at

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ITC Season 9 Ep. 4: Keith Thurman vs Danny GarciaStarted by Brownsugar on 28th February

Nobody knows what happened there is no film to support your claims....sounds like women gossiping and making the worst assumptions....
Raggedy journalism at best.

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Twitter PictureStarted by Peter King on 28th February

Could you please RT this picture??

Thank you so much.

Peter King

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Boxing Deontay WilderStarted by Brownsugar on 27th February

Why do people who hate boxing make podcasts? February... 2017 has been a BLAST!!! And what does Wilder flailing wildly in a pursuit of a KO have to fo with anybody's ghetto. Its the bums who run this podcast who are ghetto. Stick to MMA. FIGHT PLANET RADIO IS PURE GARBAGE TO LISTEN TO IMHO. I want to hear about the fights not some nobodies hatred of the fighters.

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Tony BellewStarted by BangBang on 24th February

Great interview from Tony, this is a candid interview which shows the real side of 'The Bomber' and in a funny way it highlights why boxers chat sh*te toward each other

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Professional Debut Ray MoyletteStarted by Donal Maher on 13th February

Hi guys, how are you doing?

A client of mine, former amateur standout Ray Moylette, is making his professional debut in London on March 4th.

I am looking at getting him some airtime in the lead up to the event.

There are up to 100 Irish fans making the trip.

Please contact me directly on any of the details

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Priced out of boxing?Started by Vincent on 5th February

What does anyone think of the David Price loss to Christian Hammer last night?
While the obvious statements I have read say Price should retire for his own good or fight lesser opponents on small shows I am not sure he doesn't have one big win in him.
The pressure on him last night to win or have nowhere left to go was immense and probably contributed in a way to his failure.
I consider him to be a white Dereck Chisora ie British and Commonwealth championship level but not much above and would lose to world title contenders. Perhaps Price V Chisora could be the big Scouser's last hurrah.

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Jermall Charlo wants Canelo Alvarez for unification fightStarted by Andrew Freeman on 11th December

That gay tarco will avoid Charlo and GGG

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Charlo KOs Williams in fiveStarted by Andrew Freeman on 11th December

Who will Charlo fight next?. I think he should move up to middleweight and have a couple of fights then face GGG..
I don,t think that gay tarco Canelo will fight him.

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No Holds Barred: McLaren Report on Russian State-Sponsored Doping in Sport Part IIStarted by Andrew Freeman on 11th December

There is always a problem with you sound. You have a problem with your last three podcasts

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WBC launch legal plan of action against pirate championship beltsStarted by BangBang on 18th October

The WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman is quoted in this article as saying:
"The WBC World Championship Belts have never been, nor will ever be for sale! They are sacred for us."

The WBC have been selling full size replica belts for years -

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Tyson Fury announces retirement from boxing and tells the industry to 'go suck a dStarted by trainergomez on 3rd October

Fury has always told it as he sees it rather than polish his words for the media to try to be politically correct like most others in the sport.

No doubt he'll be announcing his comeback soon.

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